Unisex Recycled Bass Guitar String Single Layer Bangle with Silver Rose and Black Star Beads


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Made from recycled guitar and bass guitar strings, these make perfect gifts for musicians or music fans. These strings have been used by musicians in the Oxfordshire area and many of the strings have been used during gigs. Because they are recycled, many of the strings have fret marks on them, which adds to the character of each piece. It’s great to be able to upcycle something into a unique piece of jewellery rather than adding the strings to landfill.

This piece is made from the E string from my own bass guitar. The string was sterilised, then the bangle was made into a single layer design. It was finished with two silver coloured rose beads and a black star bead, then wire wrapped with black coloured wire.  The ends are sealed with UV resin. I almost never make two identical guitar string pieces so these are very unique and usually one of a kind.

There are no clasps on these bangles so please check the measurements and make sure it will fit over your hand before ordering. The strings can be manipulated to fit over your hand but they will not stretch. Guitar strings often contain nickel so these items are not suitable for people with a nickel allergy. Comes in an organza gift bag. This bangle is unisex and the size would work as a very loose bangle for a person with a small hand, but has a very large circumference that would fit over an extra large hand.

Internal diameter: 7.5cm
Circumference: approximately 23.5cm


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